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Who says watching the ball and making money can not have both? buy WS gold AGBank was tailored to fans during the 2014 World Cup soccer fans exclusive wealth management products, personal online banking, Pocket Bank channels can be snapped up first fans exclusive wealth management product release date is June 13, at 4 o'clock in the morning when opener began second phase, fans enjoy exclusive wealth management product release date as July 14, at 3 o'clock in the morning, the World Cup finals start time. Only the real fans will stay up into the wee hours, have a chance to grab high-yield product. It is reported that in addition to the benefit obtained, buying financial products also have a chance to win 70-inch TV plus TV, millet and k of prizes including the box it is reported that for the convenience of fans during the game can easily finance, the Bank also launched auto financing, fast transfers, http://www.gamesgold.net/ cross-functional products such as fund collection. Automated banking services are based on the amounts set by the customer, period, automatically for customers to purchase (or redemption) Bank open finance product quadrennial football gala dinner, for die-hard fans who have a certain economic strength, Brazil live understand football charm is the ball of choice. Visiting Brazil to watch the World Cup, essential is the credit card. Using a credit card which saves us currency troubles, and shopped. However, how skillful use of credit cards also have exquisite Cup international and cooperation agencies announced yesterday it added 280,000 new POS inadmissible Union pay card (card number begins with 62), Brazil local merchants accepting extended to 50%.

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